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  • The 2.0 is an updated version where we have added length to legs and sleeves as well as updated the cuffs with new and improved grips for legs and sleeves.

    The future is here! The women’s Aero Speedsuit is the definition of perfect aerodynamics and minimal air resistance. We have skimped on nothing, and together with researchers from NTNU we have developed one of the world’s absolute fastest speed suits. Many years of wind tunnel testing have allowed us to create a speed suit with an optimal surface structure and a unique ergonomic and snug fit. The suit has features that include a stripe structure on the thighs and forearms and a golf ball structure on the shoulders, which are particularly exposed to the wind when you are in time trial position or sitting upright on the bike. 

    The Aero Speedsuit is unique, and the technical features and the combination of various fabrics on the upper and lower parts are perfected right down to the smallest details. The suit has nice, large ventilating panels which ensure good sweat transfer when the intensity is high. This is the speedsuit the continental team, Team Sparebanken Sør, will be using in the biggest national and international races next season. Wind tunnel tests show that the Aero cycling jersey and bib shorts are 44 seconds* faster than our previous best models, the Pro jersey and shorts. According to researchers at NTNU, the time saved with the Aero Speedsuit is even greater! Thor Hushovd participated in the product testing of the speedsuit and says himself: “The Aero cycling collection has been designed with one goal in mind – the best possible aerodynamics. Put simply, this suit makes you faster and you save precious time and watts just by switching cycling suit.

    ” *The calculations from the wind tunnel tests used a test subject with a height of 183 cm, weighing 70 kg, pedalling an average of 374 W in one hour’s velodrome cycling, at an average speed of 50 km/h.

    Read more about the test results here

    This product is with extremely tight fit. It is made to fit as tight as possible on the body and the fit is often referred to as “second skin”. Please consider going up one size if you are in doubt or your measurements are in-between sizes. 

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  • Team Collection Only
    • Women’s Vitric Speed Suit
    • Women’s Vitric Speed Suit
    The women's Giro Speedsuit is a newly-developed and very aerodynamic race suit. This is a very fast suit with an extremely snug fit that is perfect for racing or intensive training sessions where the seconds count. The suit has a practical 2-in-1 solution of an opening between the upper and lower parts. A zip going all the way down allows the suit to be opened at the front. This solution makes the suit very comfortable in addition to allowing it to retain all the aerodynamic advantages of a full-body suit. The focus when choosing materials was on aerodynamics, and a 'golf ball' structure has been used across much of speedsuit. By using the 'golf ball' structure, the body catches less wind, something which can be decisive in races. This research originally comes from development of the Aero cycling collection, which was developed in a wind tunnel in collaboration with NTNU and tested by Thor Hushovd. There are ventilating panels at the sides and under the arms for optimal moisture transfer, as well as a very thin and ventilating material on the shoulders. The suit also has wide silicone bands on the thighs and laser-cut sleeves for greater comfort. Unlike some speedsuits, the Giro Speedsuit has three good pockets on the back of the top for stowing extra clothing, food or spare equipment. If you're looking for an aerodynamic suit that also addresses the need for comfort and storage space, Giro Speedsuit is the perfect choice!
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